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Enjoy any level of high-impact workout!
MiiKey brings you the most advanced stereo headphones in its class. With latest Bluetooth connectivity (version 4.0), it's easier than ever before to pair your smart phone or any other Bluetooth device. MiiSport introduces high definition stereo sound, all wirelessly. Experience extended highs, natural mid-tones, and powerful lows without any cords. With its deep base, MiiSport is your personal club-on-the-go. MiiSport delivers the hi-def musical experience that an artist wants you to hear when it's produced. MiiSport is the answer to all your communication and musical needs.
Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection
Voice prompt lets you know MiiSport's status
Battery merit on your phone to know battery strength
Built-in microphone for calls
Long-lasting built-in Li-Ion battery
BBuilt-in MP3 player
Supports Micro SD
SmartTalk works with Apple's Siri
HD stereo sound
Compatible with any Bluetooth device
Select Color
Rhythm by Miikey Black
Great Sound Comes With Greater Technology
1. Siri / take or end call / on and off button
2. Play and pause
3. Next track
4. Previous track
5. Volume wheel
6. Microphonel
7. Charging slot
8. SD slot
Bluetooth 4.0 multi-connect
MiiSport has Bluetooth version 4.0 making it easier than ever before to pair with your device with no codes to enter while pairing. You will be listening to your music in no time all wirelessly! MiiSport works from up to 33 feet away from your iPhone or any other Bluetooth device. MiiSport is truly one of a kind. It is the only headphone that can be connected via Bluetooth connection and has a built-in MP3 player. Store up to 7,000 songs with a 32gb Micro SD card to plug in to your MiiSport. The days of tangled wires and faulty cords are over! MiiSport can connect to two devices both at the same time giving you the ability to connect your tablet and phone without having to interchange pairing.
Built-in MP3 player, microphone, and a
long-lasting battery

Wireless MiiSport is truly one of a kind. It is the only headphone that can be connected via Bluetooth connection and has a built-in MP3 player. Store up to 7,000 songs with a 32 gb Micro SD to plug in to your Wireless Miisport. With built-in Li-on battery, Wireless MiiSport
Sweat-proof. For a worry-free workout!
Wireless MiiSport is made with the latest technology to give you a worry-free workout. MiiSport was designed and manufactured with sweat-proof material to allow you to enjoy any level of a high-impact workout. MiiSport's revolutionary design and functionality truly makes it your portable, wireless entertainment. With MiiSport, the wireless future is here, and it never sounded so good!
Bluetooth version: Version 4.0 + EDR
Operation distance: 33 feet
Range of frequency: 2.4 to 2.483 GHZ
Built-in Li-Ion battery 300 mAh
Built-in microphone
Built-in MP3 player
MiiSport Bluetooth headset
Carry bag
USB cable
Cleaning cloth
User’s guide
Frequent questions
Q: How do I charge MiiSport what kind of wire do I need?
Ans: MiiSport has a built in li-on rechargeable battery & can be charged with a Micro USB Wire.
Q: How Can I connect MiiSport by MiiKey?
Ans: MiiSport comes with latest Bluetooth technology version 4.0, which means it’s easier than ever before to pair your headphones to a Bluetooth device. To pair just hold the MFB (Multi-Function Button for 5 second till you see blinking red & blue lights and MiiSport says I am in Pairing mode, then go to your Bluetooth device Bluetooth setting and choose to connect.
Q: How many devices can I connect with MiiSport?
Ans: MiiSport can be connected to 2 devices at the same time as it has the multi connect feature in it, which means MiiSport can be connected to your iPad to watch a movie and at the same time connected to your phone so if a call comes in you can answer from headphones.
Q: MiiSport battery strength how do I know my MiiSport need charging?
Ans: MiiSport by MiiKey has latest Bluetooth 4.0 which show headphone battery meter on your smartphone right next to the Bluetooth symbol, so you always know how much battery headphone has.
Q: Can I use Siri or voice commands from my MiiSport?
Ans: Yes, with MiiSport by MiiKey you can talk to Siri or any other voice commands from your device. You never have to take the phone out of your pocket ask Siri to call home by pressing the MFB plus volume + together.
Q: How long would it work on single charge.
Ans: MiiSport has amazing battery life; you can listen to 7 hours of continuous music or 12 hours of straight phone conversation & standby mode for over a week.
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